“Memories, they can be like the wind; they are fleeting, captured but for a moment in the sails of life.”


Welcome! Pour a cup of coffee and join the conversation.

Of all the hats I have worn, the only one that has truly defined me is that of the writer. Whatever has happened, and wherever I have been, writing has always been my guidepost.

Writing has been the best way to examine life while contrasting it to the “what ifs” and “why nots” that surround the marquis events of our existence. This is also why we read: to give us a greater understanding of our own lives through the lens of characters that face the same challenges as we do. The words we read are reminders of memories made. Cherish them always.

I’m glad you stopped in to visit. I hope you enjoy what you read here and take some of it along with you to share. As always, I am most interested in what you – my readers – have to say.

The light is always on and the keyboard hums along through late nights and endless cups of coffee. It’s a writer’s life!


H.A. Callum